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This blog is Part I and Part II of a trilogy I’m writing for the enjoyment of all audiences. Part I is already finished and the book is on sale. Part II is in progress and you can read it thru my postings. Just click on the BOOK 2 tab and select episodes from the Table of Contents.

The story is written in the format of a journal. It tells about a family of 14 brothers told by the twelfth son. On Part I, the reader follows the steps of the family as it grows and adapts to the challenges, hardships, successes, failures, and ordeals in Mexico and the USA from the 1910s to the 1950s. It is a chronologically written “non-fiction novel” with numerous short stories full of adventures, surprises, twists, and, to some, thought provoking.

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A WORD TO MY LOYAL READERS: I’M STILL WRITING AND WILL FINISH THE 2ND BOOK BY THE END OF THE YEAR. I PROMISE YOU IT WILL BE BETTER THAN THE 1ST ONE–NEW STORIES, ENTERTAINING, AND A SURPRISE LEADING TO A SUSPENSEFUL AND REAL ENDING. As you can see, I’ve already given you enough to tweak your curiosity and desire to know more of what’s ahead… enough to make you buy it when it goes out to the retailers. THANKS!

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