About the Author



Has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, a B.S. Degree in Commerce, and an AA from a Community College.



He retired after 27 years of public service in a major city: 15 years in the Police Department/Internal Affairs Unit as IA Senior Staff Analyst and PD Grant Manager (wrote federal grant proposals for the purchase and acquisition of police equipment such as Kevlar vests, stun guns, and weapons; wrote agreements for mutual cooperation with other police agencies and community service agencies), 2 years in the Auditor’s Office as Internal Auditor, and 10 years in the Environmental Services Department as Accountant.



Was Treasurer of the State of CA American GI Forum and a member for over 15 years.

Was board member of the State Universities EAOP/Parent Board. Invited former City of San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales to speak at the scholarship banquet and introduced him as the mentor speaker for the evening to give an outstanding message to the youth bound for the CA Universities.

Soccer coach of little leagues

About 7 yrs of Indoor and Outdoor Soccer (in the summer weather was 100+ degrees!)

7+ years of Body Combat (still active).



This blogged book is the result of years of planning, collecting, and storing amazing stories of my family’s life. My goal is to entertain and amuse readers with an evolving chronology of life from a family of 14 brothers and their parents. It will show how the family grew, survived, and faced the challenges of their times. The story(ies) takes us on a journey following the parents’ treads which encompass the Mexican Revolution, working the mines in Arizona, USA, life in the villages, and farm working in California. It will be an adventurous ride with a wide spectrum of sequential stories. There will be stories for every mood and delight, be it funny, happy, humorous, sad, entertaining, educating, or thought provoking. In the end, I hope that by reading these stories the reader will not only be entertained, but also have a somewhat wider perception of how other families live, accept life as it comes, and adapt to the changing times.