1958—Judgment day (Rev 1/6/16)

….The following Monday, Descontón was lying in bed with a swollen lip and the morning sun shining through a window. The stubborn idea that he didn’t knock out Alfredo was consuming him more than ever. He got up, washed his face, and left his house. He walked alleys and crossed streets until ending up outside our store. There he stood in the middle of the street and began yelling profanities. Alfredo didn’t come out. After he got tired of screaming, he left; but he was back the following day, and every day after, to provoke him. He ranted and yelled vulgarities cursing his mother and offending the whole family. Everyday the tenants in the flats, the customers in the store, and our older brothers in the shop had to endure his foul language. It was the worst psychological warfare Alfredo could undergo through. Hearing Descontón vilify him and his family so viciously and loudly while attending customers at the store was humiliating and embarrassing….

1958—Judgment day

1958—Día de juicio