1958—Descontón rising

1958—Descontón rising (rev 11/15/15)

…. Descontón threw an excellent combination and hit Dandy on the face and ribs, and Dandy dropped his body to the left. Now Descontón saw it was time to discharge his infamous sledgehammer right-cross to the temple! And he did!

But missed. He had not only underestimated Dandy’s endurance, but also his fighting skills—and regretted it too. At that moment, Dandy saw Descontón’s body come close and received it with a powerful left upper cut to the lower right side of the ribs. Descontón felt it like a 6-inch knife stab to the liver. It almost incapacitated him: He felt breathless and his knees buckled…. (CLICK THE LINK TO READ THE WHOLE EPISODE–NEW MATERIAL ADDED.)