1958—Going after Coyote

1958—Going after Coyote (Sample)

….An avenue—lined up with repair shops, a pharmacy, stores, and old 2-story homes with balconies—opened up before his eyes. He walked two blocks, turned right, and entered a maze of narrow cobblestone streets. Few blocks later, he was in front of an old unfinished brick house with the number 666 engraved on a splash of cement next to a green metal door. Before knocking, he felt a convulsion in his lungs—a miner’s asthma attack. He quickly pulled out a pill from his pocket and swallowed it. Before knocking, he cleared his throat, arranged his Stetson hat, and tucked in his brown khaki shirt neatly. On the roof above him, he heard a fluttering of wings and a cooing of pigeons. He paused, touched the bulk of knives in his pants, and knocked harder. The metal door rattled like the gate of a cemetery chapel….

….the burly man waved at the old man to disappear. He looked at his watch, snapped his fingers, and pointed to a seat in front of him….