1958—A donkey venture

1958—A donkey venture (Sample)

….turned slowly on his seat. Crossing his arms, he placed a hand on his chin and stared at Leonardo. Furrows grew on his forehead and his eyes narrowed. He thought of the poor results they previously had selling clothes on the street. He wondered: what else could we do now? He raised his shoulders and shrugged. An incredulous look came over his face. “You want to look for work in this miserable town, carnal?” he finally said. “What are we going to do? Ride donkeys?”

….they were piling up the wood next to the donkeys, Leonardo went back to the thicket to retrieve the next load. Tired, he reached inside a pile to retrieve some logs when he suddenly felt a sharp, burning pain on his right hand. He quickly pulled out his arm and saw a red scorpion drop to the ground. His eyes opened big, his survival instincts kicked in, and he was running down the hills leaving behind the old man and his brother. He didn’t even excuse himself from the old man, or give explanations for leaving in such a hurry. He just ran and kept running until getting home. He dashed across the room and entered the kitchen. Gasping, he said, “Mom—I’m dizzy—I’m sick—I’m going to die—quickly—call the doctor—I got stung by a scorpion!”….