1957—Altruist rebel


1957—Altruist brother (Rev. 6/5/15)

…. Life was changing and we were adapting to a new reality. There were good days and bad days. Some days we sold a couple of garments, other days none and ended up at Tia Cuca’s house. Then, as a highlight to our new business, we came from school one day and found DJ outside with a group of young señoritas. We dropped our shoulder bags on the floor and ran to the door. DJ was in his best mood showing them women’s apparel. “These clothes will make you look beautiful at the fiestas on Saturdays,” he was saying.

It was difficult not to laugh about the way DJ was handling the silky underwear and padded bras. The señoritas were full of giggles and flirtations, putting DJ under their spell…..


1957—Stories and fables



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