1956—The Boxers (Rev. 10/17/14)

1956—The Boxers


…. The man was well known in the barrio as “El Loco Pelón” [The Crazy Baldhead] because at one time he had been a professional boxer and now he was a little crazy due to the punches he received to the head during his boxing career. After he retired, to stay in shape, he ran in the mornings punching fences and mailboxes on streets and alleys. People saw him and nicknamed him “El Loco Pelón.” It wasn’t hard for them to figure out that Pelón was still boxing contenders… in his head.

Leonardo turned to Pelón and told him of the previous encounters they had with the wrestlers. “Now we are planning a re-match,” said Betarro, “but the problem is that this time they have boxers in their group.” ….




1956—Metamorphosis of a bully

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