1956—Roaming Rebel of the night

1956—Roaming Rebel of the night

Máximo was the new young rebel in the family. He was a happy young boy who enjoyed the company of friends and liked to play pranks. One time he chased me with a BB gun and shot at my shoes thinking it wouldn’t hurt—but hell, it did! At the age of 14, he was staying out late at night. On the other hand, he was a good worker—or maybe he didn’t have a choice because Drill Sergeant DJ didn’t allow loafing around and always had him working and learning from his older brothers.

One day I was at the corner of the store when a young boy came and saw Máximo working with his brothers around the driveway—DJ was shouting orders at them as they picked up wood and materials. People in the barrio called the young boy El Prieto because of his very dark skin. Prieto was well developed and maybe an inch taller than Máximo. For no reason, he turned to me and said, “Hey, little kid, is Máximo your brother?”


“Do you know I can kick your brother’s butt any time?”



1956—DJ’s fall from grace


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