1956—Metamorphosis of a bully

1956—Metamorphosis of a bully

They said he came off a fishing ship and was a hell of a street fighter—a muscular 6-foot tall young man with a predilection to beat up pachucos. His evil nature began to show when he walked into a cantina one day and saw the old Tejano (Texas Cowboy) from our barrio having a beer. Right away, he said to the older man, “Hey you, this is no place for old geezers. Move over!”

“Watch your mouth, punk,” replied the Tejano, who was old enough to be his father.

“I said move over. You’re sitting at my place.”

“Really? I didn’t see your name written on it.”

“You don’t need to see my name. Leave!”

“Go bother somebody else and let me enjoy my beer,” said the Tejano, and turned to drink his beer.

The young sailor didn’t say any more and gave him a push that threw him off the seat….



CHAPTER 9—Good Bye

1956—Maria’s Departure

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