1956—Maria’s Departure (Rev. 9/1/14)

CHAPTER 10—Good Bye


1956—Maria’s Departure

Maria received another letter from DJ. As usual, he asked her for money and told her to come join him at his new hiding place: a peaceful and pleasant little town, away from all the worries and problems “brought upon by the disobedience of the grown up sons.” He said he had rented a hut in Ixtlán, Nayarit. There they could live with the two youngest children who weren’t in school yet. Maria not only felt sorry for him, but she was lonely without him and believed that the five remaining children needed their father to “form them into the men they would become some day–men of discipline, hard working, and well respected.” She pondered over this with Lalo, and he said to her, “Don’t go, mother. Leave him out there. He’s the cause of all these things happening to the family. Like I’ve told you, he brought it upon himself, now let him suffer.”

One cold, windy morning of December, Maria packed up a suitcase with clothes and left to the train station with the two youngest children….



Prelude to a new beginning



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