1955—First grade (rev. 1/24/14)

1955—First grade (3rd rev. 1/24/14)

My turn to enroll in the first grade at the Escuela Primaria Heroes de Chapultepec came when I was seven. Nonetheless, my first day ended up a disaster, for I was a nervous wreck. While most of the students were coming from pre-schools, and had already acclimated to the school environment, I felt like a fish fresh out of the water. That day the teacher told us to stand outside the classroom and re-enter one by one so she could check our names. Then she sat on a bench-table by the door with a logbook and pen in hand. When my turn came up, I thought I was going to die.




1955—The store: round three

[1] a.k.a. burritos.

[1] a.k.a. burritos.

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