1955-56—Years of Weddings (rev 1/15/14)

1955-56—Years of Weddings



…. Close to 10 o’clock, the pachucos took over the floor and the fiesta was going strong. Although Mariachi music had started the fiesta, Rock-n-Roll was now blasting out of the loud speakers. Elvis Presley sang “Hound Dog” as the pachucos kicked up dust with their black-polished shoes.

Suddenly, the LP let out a terrible scratching sound of death. Then, funeral silence. Heads turned. A person walked in and came to the center of the floor. He was a mysterious 62-year-old man wearing khaki clothes and Stetson hat. All his dressing was light brown, including his shoes.

All eyes followed him as he crossed the floor going straight to Joaquin and the bride. The newly weds stood mute as he approached them….


1956—Roaming Rebel of the night

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