1953—Going Prep

1953—Going Prep (currently being edited)

In spite of his draconian punishments, DJ showed another side towards his sons: He was proud of them and wanted them to succeed in life. He taught them to be good workers and learn hard labor skills to sustain themselves. Whether or not the family was doing better financially, he sent the younger ones to primary school not only because he wanted them to get the education he didn’t get in his childhood, but also because he wanted a better life for them. When Joaquin completed his English studies in Calexico and wished to continue with a correspondence course on Radio and TV repair, DJ agreed and paid for his study. When Lalo wanted to take up a correspondence course in Auto Mechanics, he paid for his study too. Furthermore, to provide the education needed, the family as a whole also made sacrifices in one way or another.  At the same time, DJ kept them working at the shop.

The wind was blowing strong on the mast’s sails, the sun shinned brightly in the horizon, and the family had come a long way since their departure from the heart of Mexico. Their properties grew and multiplied. They built the home, the store, and four flats. They bought four automobiles: a 1948 Chevrolet, a 1941 Plymouth convertible, a 1948 pick-up Chevrolet, and a Cadillac for Alonso—that wasn’t too bad for the life in the barrio of a small town like Mexicali. They owned four other homes: three DJ gave to Lalo, Joaquin, and Alonso; the fourth one he would eventually give to his mistress. And, there were still plans to buy more property.




1954—The store re-opens

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