1952—The flats (rev 2/19/14)

the flats1952—The flats


Rumors traveled around the flats like the water in the canals of our neighborhood. After the brawl, people talked about DJ going to the loudmouth’s house and challenging him to a duel. They embellished and dramatized the story saying that the man had cowered under the blankets when DJ came knocking. This exaggerated drama caused the neighbor embarrassment and probably drove him out.

But it wasn’t only the event that had people talking. Since our arrival in Mexicali, they had noticed something peculiar about DJ that caused them consternation. For not only his stories mystified them, but also his khaki pants, khaki shirt, shoes, and Stetson hat—all light brown. “Who is he?” they wondered, “a detective, a Federal agent, or what?”





1914—DJ’s sister, Tía (Aunt) Cuca


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