1945—The house (Rev. 9/28/13)

1945—The house


In 1945, DJ took his three oldest sons (Esteban, Lalo, y Julián) to the USA to look for work. They walked and hitchhiked for 90 miles until settling in Coachella, California. There they found work in a date farm owned by an Italian and stayed in one of the rooms of the housing facilities provided to the farm workers.

Every day they worked from sunrise to sundown. At the end of the season—from September to December—they filled the last crate and rested knowing that the next day they would be getting up at the crack of dawn to make the trip back to Mexicali.

That night, close to midnight, a loud noise awoke DJ. He opened his eyes and heard a strong wind beating on the roof shingles. He got up and went to the door to check. Outside, under a full moon, he saw the palm trees bending with the wind until almost being parallel to the ground. He looked up and saw ominous dark clouds moving slowly and passing over the moon. Quickly, he turned and ran back to awaken his sons.



1945—Esteban’s separation

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