1945—Esteban’s separation (Rev. 5/21/14)

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1945—Esteban’s separation



Hurt and upset, he headed towards the border. From there, he crossed a grapefruit field and went to see his friends in Calexico—the Curieles. And he told them about the fall out he had with his father.

“Let’s venture out across California,” he told them. “We will make lots of money.”

“Wait, Esteban,” said Pedro Curiel. “First, I have to let my mother know.”

Pedro went to the back of the house where his mother was hanging wet clothes to dry in the sun. “Mother,” he said, “we are leaving. Alfredo and I are going north with Esteban. We’re going to work in the fields and make lots of money.”

“Okay, mi’jo. You guys be careful, okay?” said his mother.




Building the house

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