…. “My house was not invaded by men.” DJ said it loud to quiet everybody down. “It was invaded by pigs! Plenty of pigs. A bunch of pigs went after a pregnant woman. But, there were no men. Can you call a pig a man? No. You can smell pigs from a distance, but you cannot call them men. A man doesn’t attack a defenseless, pregnant woman and hits her on the stomach. Would you call a coward like that a man? Those who came to my house were PIGS!” There was an instant uproar in the crowd.

DJ raised his voice again. “They came to my house and didn’t even have the guts to go after me. I waited for them a short distance from there and they didn’t come after me. Instead, like cowards, they had waited for me to leave so they could go after a pregnant woman.”….



1935—A new trade


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