1932—Return to Mexico

1932—Return to Mexico


DJ worked in the mines two more years—a total of over nine years—until his health took a plunge. Any dust or smoke in the air brought him down to his knees wheezing and chocking. The town doctor, already familiar with the affliction, diagnosed him with Black Lung Miner’s Disease, an illness that would incapacitate him for the rest of his life. “It is a helpless prognosis,” he told him. “Quit the mines. Go live in the mountains where the air is clean and fresh.” For emphasis, he put his hands on his tired shoulders, looked him in the eyes, and told him matter-of-factly, “Heh-soos, if you want to live a long life, you must quit immediately… do it for your kids… and your young wife.” Then, he prescribed a medication he would to take for the rest of his life.






1932—Lázaro Cárdenas


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