1931—Superior Arizona

1931—Superior Arizona/The mines


What DJ and Maria saw the first time they came to Superior, Arizona, was a small town with all the trappings of the old west. Nevertheless, with its rich copper, silver, and gold mines, it was more than a rustic town. It rested at the base of the Apache Leap Mountain with boundaries stretching over arid terrain. Even though summer temperatures could reach as high as 112º f, DJ always came back here to live with his family because he knew that in this town he didn’t have to find work—work was always there…  waiting for his return.

He would say that working in the mines of Superior “was one of the most dangerous, arduous jobs few men could endure.” Also that “when you have a family to support, you find the means to do so; regardless of what obstacles may be imposed on the way.”



1932—Return to Mexico

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