1922—Rurales/Coronel Jorobadito (rev 9/30/14)

Chapter 2

1922—Rurales/Coronel Luzbel



…..However, if a man was caught a second time, he was at the mercy of the sharp end of his sword—that plain and simple.

When Colonel Luzbel heard of a crime, he paid the perpetrator a midnight visit. Accompanied by the Rurales, he rudely awakened the suspect by picking him up by the ears. He would get close to his face and look him in the eye with an intensive look. “This time is a warning,” he would say, “I’d better not hear of another crime from you again—because if I do, I will be back when you least expect it!” Just before the suspect could say anything, in a flash the colonel had pulled out a dagger and cut a piece of the man’s earlobe leaving him whimpering with excruciating pain. Then, he would get close to his face again holding him by the bleeding ear. “This is so you remember my warning because next time it will be your life.”





 1929-30—Going North

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