1922—Land Reform/General Yucuipicio (Rev. 9/27/14)

General Alvaro Obregón and Indian Yaqui Staff

Chapter 2

1922—Land Reform/General Yucuipicio


In 1920 the 10-year civil war ended leaving Mexico in total disarray—the national infrastructure destroyed, over a million people dead, agriculture scarce, the national debt at its highest, crimes out of control. As consequence of all sectors of government in chaos, people lived in deplorable conditions. Furthermore, General Alvaro Obregón became frustrated with President Carranza for not implementing the reforms called for under the new constitution, and for his insidious tricks that killed Zapata.[1] He rebelled against Carranza and defeated him. Hence, the Mexican people venerated him for his accomplishments and elected him President of Mexico.



1922—Comisionados/Death of a narcissist

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