1914—DJ’s sister, Tía (Aunt) Cuca




Now that DJ had raised the women’s interest, he began to recount a tumultuous past of his life. Even though some stories seemed incredible, he captivated them with his locution; they vicariously felt his “narrow escapes with death” during and after the Mexican Revolution. DJ, after all, was a seasoned colloquist who could entertain people and friends by weaving anecdotes, stories and opinions at will. That’s why, they saw no need to doubt him.


1914—DJ’s sister, Tía (Aunt) Cuca

Klunk! Klunk! Klunk!

Past midnight, DJ’s sister, Cuca, heard the metal doorknocker and woke up. Startled, she got up and walked feeling her way in the darkness toward a small night table. She lit up the alcohol lamp and adjusted the flame. KLUNK! KLUNK! KLUNK! The doorknocker got louder.



 1918—Zapatistas/Aztec Decree

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