1958—Judgment day (Rev 1/6/16)

….The following Monday, Descontón was lying in bed with a swollen lip and the morning sun shining through a window. The stubborn idea that he didn’t knock out Alfredo was consuming him more than ever. He got up, washed his face, and left his house. He walked alleys and crossed streets until ending up outside our store. There he stood in the middle of the street and began yelling profanities. Alfredo didn’t come out. After he got tired of screaming, he left; but he was back the following day, and every day after, to provoke him. He ranted and yelled vulgarities cursing his mother and offending the whole family. Everyday the tenants in the flats, the customers in the store, and our older brothers in the shop had to endure his foul language. It was the worst psychological warfare Alfredo could undergo through. Hearing Descontón vilify him and his family so viciously and loudly while attending customers at the store was humiliating and embarrassing….

1958—Judgment day

1958—Día de juicio

1958—Descontón rising (Rev 1/6/16)

They exited from opposite sides and strode to the front of the vehicle to meet face to face. Descontón wore a thin short-sleeve shirt with the top buttons loose showing his muscular biceps and his hulking chest. Dandy wore a black, silky shirt with abstract colorful prints, cocktail glasses, and music symbols. Without a word, the gladiators put up their fists. To test the distance, Descontón threw a couple of left jabs. Dandy blocked them and counter-punched with a left hook that grazed Descontón’s nose. Descontón felt a tickling on the tip of the nose, and responded with a punch combination, a left upper cut, and a strong right-kick to the leg. Dandy blocked the punches and let loose a volley of jabs, upper cuts, hooks, one-two combinations, and a kick to shin followed by another to the groin. Descontón made a muffled grunt. The fight turned vicious. They attacked each other with everything their muscles could give. Buttons, saliva, and blood flew through the air at the sound of blows landing on chests and faces and boots kicking legs, knees, and groins….

1958—Descontón rising

1958—Descontón se eleva

1958—Descontón se eleva

1958—Descontón se eleva

…. Descontón descargó una excelente combinación y le pegó a Dandy en la cara y costillas, Dandy se doblo al lado izquierdo. ¡Ahora Descontón vio que era la hora de descargar su infame Cruzado de Marro al Templo! Y lo hizo.

Pero herró. No nomás había mal calculado la fortaleza de Dandy, sino que también su habilidad de pelear—y se arrepintió también. En ese momento, Dandy vio el cuerpo de Descontón acercarse y lo recibió con un fuerte gancho izquierdo hacia al lado derecho y bajo las costillas. Descontón lo sintió como un cuchillo de 6 pulgadas clavado en el hígado…. (CLIQUEE EL LINK PARA LEER EL EPISODIO–NUEVO MATERIAL)